Blue Cave Biševo

Blue Cave Biševo

The Blue Cave by Biševo island

The Blue Cave is a natural pearl of the Adriatic Sea and the most attractive landmark of Island Biševo, which attracts a large number of curious tourists. The famous bay Mezoporat on our most remote offshore island is probably the busiest bay on the Adriatic in the summer season.The small island of barely 10 people is visited annually by more than 160,000 tourists. It is the number one destination for tourists from all over the world and therefore it not only raises the tourist value of the whole island but the whole of Dalmatia. Unfortunately, swimming in the cave is forbidden due to a large number of visitors.

Geomorphological monument of nature

The cave has two openings, one smaller, artificially deepened, through which a rowing boat can pass and this opening has no effect on the lighting in the cave. The second opening is like a vault and is much wider, it's on the south side of the cave below sea level and it's penetrated by sunlight. The Blue Cave is located 5 NM from the port of Komiža and is situated in the bay Baluni on the east side of the island of Biševo. At the suggestion of Baron Eugene Von Ransonnet in 1884, the entrance to the cave was opened to the public. It can only be entered with a small boat with only a few people. In 1951, the Blue Cave has declared a protected geomorphological monument of nature.

Amazing Dalmatian experience

There is no blue magical light in the entrance hall, but we can see all the splendor of the Blue Cave in the second, larger hall, which is separated from the first by a sunken rock in the shape of a bridge. At noon, the sun penetrates through the crack at the top of the cave, and then the sea in it shines like gold and the cave is shown in all its beauty. An experience that is difficult to describe in words and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime...

Due to the Blue Cave, the island of Biševo and the larger and more famous island of Vis have distinct tourist value. The Blue Cave is widely considered to be one of the best caves in the entire Adriatic, yet it’s only been fairly recently that it’s become such a renowned tourist attraction, alluring both Croatians and visitors from across the globe alike.

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