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Day Boat Excursion From Split To Šolta's Unique Island


Nestled in the Adriatic Sea, Šolta is one of Croatia's hidden gems. This serene and historical island is the perfect destination for anyone searching for an authentic island experience. Unlike its bustling neighbouring islands, Šolta remains off the mainstream radar, offering a tranquil sanctuary that epitomises the Dalmatian summer holiday dream. From the baroque charm of Maslinica to the pebble-strewn shores of Nečujam, Šolta awaits your exploration. Šolta's rich cultural heritage stretches back to Roman times, and its long history is evident in the traditional architecture, ancient olive groves, and stone-paved villages scattered across the island. The relaxed pace of life, the warm hospitality of the locals, and the stunning natural beauty surrounding them at every turn will captivate visitors.

The Island of Šolta: An Overview

Šolta's rich tapestry awaits you with quiet anticipation. The island's history is woven into its traditional architecture, stone-paved villages, and ancient olive groves. Whether you want to relax on pristine beaches, explore charming coastal towns, or savour exquisite olive oil and honey, Šolta offers a genuine Dalmatian island experience.

Embarking on an Adventure from Split

From the lively ancient city of Split, with its vibrant harbour and architecture, depart on a maritime adventure to the Dalmatian archipelago, with Šolta as a prime day-trip destination. Day boat excursions from Split offer a journey into Šolta's unspoiled beauty, with a blend of thrill and relaxation amidst the azure waters. Boat excursions often include stops at other breathtaking destinations, such as the nearby Blue Lagoon or Trogir. Discover hidden coves, snorkel in pristine waters, and savour a leisurely meal at a seaside tavern. The journey is part of the adventure, with the Adriatic Sea's shimmering blue waters and rugged coastline providing a stunning backdrop.

Necujam on Solta Island

Highlights of the Journey: Stops and Activities

The Blue Lagoon, Drvenik

Just a short distance from Šolta lies the famous Blue Lagoon on the island of Drvenik Veli. This natural gem boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters, creating a mesmerising swimming and snorkelling haven. Surrounded by uninhabited islets, the Blue Lagoon provides a secluded escape where visitors can bask in the beauty of the Adriatic while spotting marine life in its calm waters. The Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to relax. Its shallow, warm waters are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Boat tours often include sunbathing on the boat deck, swimming, or enjoying a delicious seafood lunch on nearby islands.


Make sure you stop in Trogir to Šolta or on your return journey. This UNESCO World Heritage town, often called a "living museum," offers narrow cobbled streets, a picturesque waterfront, and historic landmarks like the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. Trogir's mediaeval charm is undeniable. Its ancient city walls, historic buildings, and bustling markets provide a fascinating glimpse into Croatia's rich past. Explore the labyrinth of narrow streets, discover the city's vibrant café culture, or stroll along the waterfront promenade. Soak in the historic atmosphere.

Exploring Šolta Island

Šolta's charm is unmistakable in the quaint lanes of Stomorska, the amber hues of olive oil in Grohote, and the pastoral beauty of Gornje Selo. This island is a sanctuary for nature lovers and history buffs alike, with its quiet demeanour, rich culture, and traditional values. Its culinary landscape, focused on fresh, locally sourced produce, mainly olives and honey, is another reason to visit. Exploring Šolta allows visitors to immerse themselves in the island's natural beauty, whether hiking through its lush forests, cycling along rugged coastal trails, or simply relaxing on one of its many pristine beaches.


The picturesque fishing village of Maslinica is home to a stunning 18th-century baroque castle, now a luxurious hotel, and a charming marina. The town is known for its serene atmosphere and the nearby Šešula Bay, perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Visitors can enjoy exquisite seafood at local taverns or explore the village's narrow, stone-paved streets. The clear waters and stunning sunsets over the Adriatic combine with Maslinica's tranquil ambience to create the perfect idyllic retreat. The village is also known for its nautical tourism, which attracts yachts and boats to its modern marina. For those seeking further exploration, the nearby archipelago of seven islets is the ideal destination. These islets are suitable for diving, fishing, and kayaking.


Nečujam is the island's largest bay, renowned for its pristine pebble beaches. Its tranquil waters are ideal for relaxation, while history enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the remnants of a Roman villa submerged in the sea. Visitors can also venture along the coastline to discover hidden coves and scenic hiking trails. Nečujam's clear waters are perfect for snorkelling, allowing visitors to explore the underwater remains of the ancient Roman villa. The bay is also famous for kayaking, paddleboarding, and other water sports. After a day of adventure, visitors can unwind at one of the beachfront bars or taverns, savouring local delicacies with a view of the setting sun.


Šolta's oldest coastal settlement, Stomorska, boasts a lively marina and a charming promenade dotted with local taverns and bars. Here, visitors can witness traditional fishing boats bringing in their daily catch. Stomorska's vibrant ambience provides a delightful mix of local life and seaside relaxation. Stomorska's marina is the hub of activity, with fishing boats and yachts lining the waterfront. The village's historic stone houses and winding streets exude old-world charm. At the same time, the lively nightlife scene makes it a popular spot for evening entertainment. Enjoy fresh seafood at one of the many waterfront restaurants or sip local wines at a cosy bar.


Grohote is the largest village on Šolta and the island's cultural and administrative centre. It features traditional stone houses, a vibrant farmer's market, and a beautiful 19th-century church. Wander through Grohote's narrow streets to discover art studios, local crafts, and the authentic flavours of Šolta. Grohote's market is the best place to find fresh produce, artisanal goods, and handmade crafts. Grohote's market provides an authentic taste of island life. The village is also home to several art galleries and workshops, where visitors can watch local artists at work or purchase unique souvenirs. Grohote's relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals make it the ideal base for exploring Šolta.

Gornje Selo

This small inland village, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, offers a glimpse into traditional island life. Sample local olive oil and honey produced on family-owned estates. Gornje Selo is also home to quaint stone cottages and provides a peaceful escape from the island's busier coastal areas. Gornje Selo's rolling hills and fertile valleys provide a stunning backdrop for exploring the island's agricultural heritage. Visitors can tour local olive oil mills and honey farms, learn about traditional production methods, and taste some of the island's finest products. The village's annual Olive Oil Festival is a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Grohote on solta island

Combining Split's Vitality and Šolta's Peacefulness

Split's urban energy and Šolta's peacefulness are the perfect combination. This unique combination allows travellers to immerse themselves in Croatian life, from urban exploration to rural tranquillity, historical richness, and natural beauty. A day boat excursion ensures you soak in Šolta's wonders and return in time to relish a sunset along Split's scenic Riva promenade.

Split is the perfect starting point for exploring the Dalmatian coast. Its historic Diocletian's Palace, bustling markets, and vibrant nightlife will get you hooked. The city's lively Riva promenade offers stunning views of the sea. At the same time, its restaurants and bars serve up the best Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you're strolling through the Old Town or sipping a cocktail at a rooftop bar, Split provides a dynamic contrast to Šolta's laid-back charm.

Why Day Boat Excursions Are Special

Scenic and Swift Travel:

The journey offers breathtaking views of the Dalmatian archipelago and the Adriatic's pristine waters.

Exclusive Discoveries: 

Unveil hidden beaches, coves, and swimming spots scattered around Šolta and nearby islands.

Cultural Depth:  

Learn about local life and heritage through guided tours and interactions with local producers.

Versatile Experiences:

From personalised tours to social group adventures, there is something for everyone, whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion.

Day boat excursions also allow for customisation, with some tours offering wine tastings at local vineyards, guided hiking trips to Šolta's inland villages, or kayaking adventures along the coast. These excursions are the perfect way to experience the best of the Dalmatian coast, whether travelling alone, with a partner, or in a group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get to Šolta from Split, and how long does the journey take? 

Getting to Šolta from Split is relatively easy. The ferry operated by Jadrolinija takes about 60 minutes and arrives at the main port of Rogač. Alternatively, a catamaran by Krilo offers a faster option, reaching Rogač in approximately 30 minutes. Private boat excursions are available for a more personalised experience, typically taking around 45 minutes.

What are some of the best activities to do on Šolta for day-trippers?

Day-trippers can explore charming villages like Maslinica, Nečujam, Stomorska, and Grohote. Popular activities include:

  • Swimming and snorkelling at the pebble beaches.
  • Hiking the coastal trails.
  • Tasting local olive oil and honey.

For history enthusiasts, exploring the Roman villa remains in Nečujam and visiting Maslinica's 18th-century baroque castle are highlights.

Maslinica on Solta Island

When is the best time to visit Šolta?

The best time to visit Šolta is between late spring and early fall, typically from May to October. During these months, the weather is warm and ideal for swimming and outdoor activities. July and August are the busiest months, so consider visiting in May, June, September, or October for a quieter experience.

Are there any exceptional culinary experiences on Šolta worth trying? 

Absolutely! Šolta is known for its high-quality olive oil and honey, so a visit to a local farm or olive oil mill is a must. You can sample these products and learn about traditional production methods. Seafood lovers will enjoy the fresh catch at seaside taverns in Stomorska and Maslinica. Additionally, many restaurants offer the island's signature dish, "pogača," a traditional bread filled with anchovies or olives.

Can I customise a private boat excursion to Šolta and nearby destinations like the Blue Lagoon or Trogir?

Indeed, numerous tour operators provide customised private boat excursions. You can include stops at the Blue Lagoon, Trogir, or other islands like Brač and Hvar. Discuss your interests with the tour provider, and they can create a bespoke itinerary that includes snorkelling, swimming, sightseeing, and culinary experiences.


Embrace the true essence of Croatia with a blend of Šolta's charm and the adventure of a day boat excursion from Split. Unspoiled landscapes, rich heritage, and the promise of serenity await you on Šolta. Explore the island and discover Split's dynamic spirit, as well as nearby attractions like the Blue Lagoon and Trogir.

You'll find it all in Šolta: historic villages, tranquil waters, local olive oil and honey, and more. The island's unique blend of urban and rural life makes for an extraordinary journey through Croatian culture and natural beauty.

A day boat excursion from Split to Šolta offers a total immersion into the island's timeless allure. Every traveller will find this enchanting island ready to reveal its secrets and provide a memorable Mediterranean experience. You'll be longing for your next return to this Croatian haven.