Split Taxi Boat tour Blue Cave and six islands
Blue Cave and six islands tour


Split Taxi Boat private tour Blue Cave and six islands start in the morning from the famous Split Riva waterfront. The tour is a stunning experience that includes the best sea locations of the Middle Dalmatia. From Blue Cave on the island of Biševo, Stiniva Cove, and Stiniva beach, the best European beach of 2018, to the unique Blue Lagoon by Budikovac islands, small coastal town Maslinica and Pakleni islands. The perfect ending to the day tour is the world-famous town of Hvar!


7:30 am - Start from Split harbor
Morning - Blue Cave Biševo - coffe break, sightseeing
Noon - Stiniva beach swim & snorkeling,
Budikovac swim & snorkeling
Early afternoon - Milna Hvar time for lunch,
cocktail bar, swim & snorkeling
Late afternoon - Visit Hvar, Pakleni Islands - panoramic view
6:00 PM - Return to Split Harbor
Colnago 35 is the comfortable and exclusive boat


Blue Cave is Croatian natural wonder on the small and beautiful island of Biševo near the larger island of Vis. The cave is located in a small bay called Balun. The fantastic sea cave is painted with the sun reflecting on the surface of the cave, creating stunning color effects. The shades of blue colors dominate in this natural and touristic attraction. Blue Cave, also called Blue Grotto, is a must-have destination for each Dalmatian guest.

Stiniva Beach Vis


Stiniva beach is the most beautiful beach in Europe, which was voted by the tourism organization of European Best Destinations. It’s located at the southern part of the island Vis – the farthest inhabited island in Croatia.
Stiniva is a pebble beach perfect for lovers of the beautiful clean sea and of the wild landscape. You can always find natural shades due to the cliffs that surround the beach.
This unique hidden location will make your tour an unforgettable experience!

Green cave by Ravnik


After the swimming stop inside the Stiniva Cove on our Blue Cave and six islands tour from Split, the next stop takes us inside
the stunning Green Cave. This is another natural
phenomenon in Croatia, located on the islet Ravnik, on the southern side of Vis island. While not as famous as the Blue Cave, it’s still a breathtakingly unique experience of
mesmerizing green where you can swim relax and snorkel.

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Budikovac Island and its Blue Lagoon is the next stop on our tour its located just off the shore of island Vis, very close to island Ravnik where we visited Green Cave. Even though we like to call them “Blue Lagoons”, the color of the sea inside the Budikovac lagoon is closer to beautiful turquoise, continually changing shades as the sun moves on the horizon above. The island’s distant location makes the beach mostly empty, which lets you enjoy it in peace, and gives you more space to swim, tan, eat, and have an overall good time!

Milna village


Just 4 km from the city of Hvar on the south shore of the island of Hvar is the village Milna. Situated in a protected cove with beautiful, radiant beaches, far the city’s rushing summer crowds is the ideal destination for a family vacation. Here, you will find many restaurants but not even one discotheque or night bar. There are four beautiful beaches, two of them are in Milna, and the other two are just next to the village. Milna is the oasis of peace, and therefore it is ideal for a peaceful vacation far from a city crowd.

Pakleni islands


Paklinski or Pakleni islands, also known as Hell’s islands, got its name from the tar created after pine resin once used to cook paklina. Pakleni Islands are the prettiest part of Hvar’s, if not the whole Croatian riviera.  A playful chain of woody isles, dipped in a clear, azure sea, a few resorts and swimming areas, and several little, hidden away beaches, stone terraces facing the sun, and beautiful deserted lagoons make, as someone said, “An Arcadia in the grasp of the palm.”

The town of Hvar


Hvar is the world-famous sunny destination, the city of the big yachts, glorious architecture, and local Medditerinan food.  The boat tour is a perfect Adriatic experience! Conde Nast named it the best island in Europe in 2019. It has the most UNESCO heritage of any island in the world. It is the birthplace of organized tourism in Europe, home to Europe’s oldest public theatre, the sunniest island on the Adriatic, with beaches, wines, and nightlife, which have won international acclaim.